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I was living in a sort of nowhere place, just coasting, thinking this was all I could ever be because that was all I was.  Fibromyalgia and fear defined my life, ruled it.  Life coaching with Catherine has revealed whole new vistas, a whole new me!  Or maybe I should say, a whole me. Using her skills in releasing trapped emotions, she helped me to cast off a stultifying blanket of fear, anxiety and anger that kept me in pinned to the ground.  I feel like I have lost a hundred pounds of doubt and self-hatred.  Every day I am feeling more enthusiastic about being me and that has lead me to actually do things: fun things, work things, relationship things, and healthy things.  I absolutely recommend seeing Catherine.  She is very authentic and is gifted in the art of listening.  Each time I have been to see her she has asked a question or made a comment that has profoundly changed my thinking.  I now see my life in terms of wonderful possibilities.  I am waking up earlier, I have much more energy and I feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.  Thank you God for sending Catherine my way!


Barbara L

I want to say how deeply grateful I am that I became aware of you and the Emotion Code work you do and that I was able to spend time with you to do the deep healing work I have experienced.  The work we did together is the most effective and lasting "therapy" I have tried.  I have been trying all my life.  The Emotion Code work is the basis and foundation that is supporting continued healing in every aspect of my life.  Very deeply grateful to you and to our Creator.


After doing extensive personal work, including various forms of energy healing, I was open and hopeful for some further personal results.  After the changes I saw in Catherine personally,  I asked what happened, she told me of her involvement with The Emotion Code.

Already out of long term depression prior to starting, I wondered what benefit there might be for me. In the first session she identified a “heart wall”.  I cognitively understood this. Well, that wall went down after 3 sessions. I could feel the release. Over those first 3 sessions I was willing to take leadership roles and responsibilities again, which I had previously been denying. My ability to trust was restored and I could actually see people respond to me differently, both those I knew and strangers. A friend who had known me for over 20 years listened to my description and immediately booked with Catherine. He had dramatic results after 2 sessions. I thought he booked a session because of my eloquent explanation. “No” he said. You were so dramatically better than you had been, in many years, I wanted those kind of results.  I found that after a lot of emotional trauma and abuse had left me easily, emotionally overwhelmed and powerless in many situations. I could now not only cope, but overcome difficult confrontational situations and even stand up to bullying people. Is this the be all and end all of healing? No, of course not. But I would suggest there are benefits for almost anybody. I have referred over 15 people for this work because of my personal benefits and continue to be thanked by those I have referred.

Brad S

I’m happy to write a testimonial about my experience with Catherine Toews, because it has been truly amazing.  Her EMOTIONAL RELEASE technique and LIFE COACHING has helped

me in a way that I’ve not experienced with anyone else. She seemed to understand very quickly exactly where I was at and how she could be most effective in helping me.

She has an incredible knowledge to share about understanding how aspects of our life & most importantly our happiness are a choice we all have. She guides and teaches you with not only techniques and strategies, but a new knowledge in a way that makes sense in your own personal life.  She has tremendous compassion and a kind demeanour that will make you feel so comfortable and welcome immediately.

I can’t say enough about how much she’s helped me in the way I approach my life, and how I experience my days, and take control of my future.

I am confident in saying that anyone that has the opportunity to spend time with Catherine will find her experience and knowledge extremely valuable, and feel fortunate to have met her!


JoAnne H

A friend had recommended seeing Catherine for some Emotion Code treatments. I had a very stressful year, which included my 27 year marriage ending, closing my business, losing 3 family members in 6 weeks, upgrading to return to a previous career, and undergoing a hysterectomy. Among other things, this all happened within 7 months.

When I went to Catherine I was a broken woman. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and at a personal self worth low. I was in a state of grief, of rejection, and believed I didn’t deserve anything for myself.

I started with a few Emotion Code appointments. In my first session I released 15 trapped emotions.
Physically I didn’t feel anything at first. But something happened. I felt a little “lighter”..... and complete strangers, MOMENTS after my appointment,  made comments on what a happy person I was. What? I am only here to pay for gas, don’t know you, and you want to know how I am so happy??

Having felt a lot of success from the Emotion Code appointments, I decided to sign up for Catherine’s money after divorce sessions. At first I thought I didn’t need the classes. I knew my budget, paid my bills, and the only debt I had was a car payment. I felt I didn’t need any help with that.
But it wasn’t about that. It was about my relationship with my money..... and THAT I needed help with. I had a negative relationship with my money. I didn’t feel I deserved an abundance of it, and felt that if I had an abundance that I would be judged negatively.

I have completed the sessions with Catherine. And it is amazing what a change I feel. I have paid off my car, feel grateful for the money that flows my way... instead of scared and non deserving of it.  I have achieved many things on my desire list. And have just registered for massage school.

I cannot explain how Emotion Code works. I know Catherine asks your subconscious questions. I know together we find and released trapped emotions......But what I do know is how I feel.

I feel I am an intelligent woman, and a lot of my friends come to me for advice. So I felt so frustrated that I couldn’t figure my own issues out alone. What I had to learn was to ask for help. And I cannot express how thankful I am to Catherine for helping me out.

Would I recommend her???...... I already have!!

Thanks again Catherine.

I truly Adore you.

Tanya R

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